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AA Local Rules


The current Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules shall
govern the “Playing Rules” for the AA Division.


1. The Current Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules shall govern the “Playing Rules” for the AA Division.

2. Time limit is no new inning after 90 mins, drop dead time at 1:45 mins.

3. An approved volunteer or coach may operate the pitching machine.

4. Batter will have a five-pitch limit, or three strikes, whichever comes first. Batter cannot be called out on the fifth pitch if it is a foul. A batter CAN be struck out by the machine. There is no walking.

5. If the machine does not deliver a pitch within the strike zone and the batter does not swing, it will be considered a “no pitch” as determined the hitting team coach operating the machine. This may occur no more than 1 pitch per at bat.

6. Coach operating machine will also call plays at 2nd base and at the plate. The offensive base coaches will call outs at 1st base and 3rd base.

7. A pitch is considered a strike if it swung at by the batter, or if it is called by the coach running the machine.

8. Side is retired when the offensive team has:

a. Batted the entire roster once

b. 3 outs are made

c. The offensive team has reached 5 run max

9. Run rule is in effect

a. 15 runs after 3 innings

b. 10 runs after 4 innings

10. There will be no bunting, no protests or no forfeits.

11. Only 10 players may be out in the field on defense. A normal infield as well as 4 outfielders.

12. Rotate players in the infield and outfield.

13. Players must play one inning in the infield.

14. On overthrows at first base, batter may advance one base at own risk. No additional bases can be taken on subsequent overthrows. Overthrows occurring at other bases, including home, follow same rule provided it is on another play. (We want to avoid continuous overthrows moving the runner around all the bases in one play. We want to focus on ball control).

a. Example. After contact by the batter, the shortstop throws the ball over the first baseman’s head. The runner advances toward 2nd base. The first baseman recovers the ball and throws the ball wildly into the outfield when attempting to get the runner out at 2nd base. The runner must remain at 2nd base in this example.

15. If a batted ball hits the pitching machine, it is a dead ball. The batter automatically goes to first base and any forced runners advanced one base.

16. Once an infielder has CONTROLLED possession of the ball in the infield between the foul lines.

a. Runners may not advance past their current base.

b. Runners who are between bases may advance or return to their previous base at their own risk.

o  A runner who advances in this circumstance will not gain an additional base in the case of an overthrow.

17. The pitching machine will be set @ 4+4+4.

a The pitching machine will be set up on the pitching rubber.

18. Pitcher must stand on either side of coach running machine, NOT in front. The pitcher must remain behind the front of the pitching machine until the ball has crossed the plate or been put in play.

19. Only the first batter of each half inning will be permitted outside the dugout, no on-deck batters- including in the bullpens.

20. It is the responsibility of the home team to retrieve the pitching machine from the cage and set it up AND provide game balls. After the game the home team is to return the machine and place the cover over it.

21. There is NO stealing.

22. Continuous batting order will be used

23. Score will be kept

24. Line up cards need to be exchanged between the coaches.

25. The defensive team can have one coach in each outfield foul territory as defensive coaches or a coach behind the plate at the fence to help speed the pace of play and help relay balls and strikes.

Updated: August 12, 2023

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