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General Local Rules

South Lake Little League Local Ground Rules


1.     Current Little League Rule Book (Blue Book) takes precedence.

a.     All Managers will be given the opportunity to request a physical book.

b.     All Managers are able to download a copy of the Little League Rule book application to their mobile device, this is a free app.

2.     All Managers and Board Members are required to complete the Diamond Leader Training & Abuse Awareness Training provided by Little League and submit their completion certificate to the Information Officer.

3.     All Managers, Coaches, and Umpires shall attend all pre-season Coaches & Umpire clinics provided by the League. Failure to do so will affect tournament coaching opportunities.

4.     Only approved Coaches and or Team Parent will be allowed in the dugout or on the field during South Lake Little League events.

a.     Minimum of one (1) Coach or Team Parent must remain in the dugout at all times.

b.     Each team shall have (1) Manager and not more than (2) Coaches on roster.

5.     Weather Delay

a.     Rain - Waiting period will be 30 minutes at which time the Umpire in Charge or Board Member on Duty shall make all decisions regarding the games.

b.     Lightning - The Umpire in Charge or the Board Member on Duty will monitor WeatherBug® for lightning within 10 miles of the playing and practice fields. All fields will be cleared, and all players must leave the fields, dugouts, stands and batting cages and go to their vehicles until the all-clear is given by the Umpire in Charge or Board Member on Duty. Once the all-clear sign is given, players may return and play resumes unless the Umpire in Charge or Board Member on Duty calls the game.

6.     No Parent shall warm up a pitcher before or during a game (including but not limited to the field, bullpen, side of the fields & behind the plate).

7.     There is a zero-tolerance policy at SLLL. A copy is available online and is attached to this packet. Please read it.

a.     Manager, Coach, Player and Spectator sportsmanship will be expected. Poor conduct on the field will be handled first by the Umpire, Spectators by a Board Member and then if necessary, the police.

b.     All players, Coaches and Managers must be in the dugout if there is a spectator issue, Umpires must be satisfied that the issue has been resolved to their satisfaction prior to the players returning to the field.

8.     Home Dugout is on the First Baseline.

9.     Games will not start until a Parent is provided for concession duty by Away Team. If no parent is available, the Team Parent will be responsible to cover the shift until the situation can be rectified.

10.  No food is allowed in dugouts.

11.  All trash must be removed from the dugout and bleachers after each practice and game.

12.  Closed-toe shoes must be worn in dugouts and on fields. No crocs, sandals or flip-flops.

13.  Every Home Team will be responsible for keeping the Official Scorebook.

14.  Every Away Team will be responsible for operating the Scoreboard.

15.  In the event there is no Plate Umpire provided by the League for Minors Division and Up, the Home Team will be responsible to provide a Plate Umpire (either a coach or a player’s parent). The Away Team will be responsible to provide a Base Umpire, although not required.  A scheduled Junior Umpire may continue to be a base umpire in addition to the base umpire provided by the Away Team.

16.  It is the responsibility of the home team coaches to ensure the mound cover is removed and stored in a safe location prior to any players stepping onto the field.

a.     Both teams will be responsible to apply the mound cover after the game.

17.  No children under age 14 will be allowed in the concession stand.

a.     No children under age 15 allowed in the outside food cooking area to assist.

b.     No one under the age 18 will be allowed to use outside cooking equipment.

18.  Tournament rules will be in effect all season of spring regular season play. This is designed to get players ready for tournament season.

South Lake Little League - Zero Tolerance Policy is for board members, coaches, players, umpires, parents, and spectators and encompasses a wide range of unsportsmanlike actions, language, gestures and or conduct directed from one person to another, or a group of people, including but not limited to:

  • Intentional unsolicited physical contact with malice/violence and/or the intent to cause physical harm to another.
  • Profanity or verbal abuse directed towards any coach, player, umpire, board member, official, parent, and spectator or any other participant.
  • Behavior, conduct, or language that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for an individual or group.


Penalties/Consequences are at the discretion of the plate umpire. Board Member cannot override the decision of the umpire. Board cannot reduce the suspension but can increase the number of games suspended from.

Any violation of the infractions outlined in the Zero Tolerance Policy, that falls outside of the "game" will be handled at the discretion of the Board Member on Duty. Outside of the game refers to any situation that the umpire is not immediately responsible for, these include but are not limited to incidents at practices, meetings, concessions, and clinics.


Disciplinary Action

  • Upon notice of violation the Board of Directors will conduct an investigation up to seven (7) business days and will notify the member of the disciplinary meeting.
  • Records of disciplinary actions, suspensions and/ or terminations for a minimum of seven (7) years.
  • Board of Directors will give notice of disciplinary action to full board.

Updated 12/23

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