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The current Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules shall govern the “Playing Rules” for the SLLL.

  • Current Little League Rule Book takes precedence.

    • All managers will receive a copy

  • All managers, coaches, and umpires shall attend the annual coaches meeting/training provided by the league. Failure to do so will affect future coaching opportunities.

  • Only approved coaches and or team moms will be allowed in the dugout or on the field during games.

    • Minimum of one (1) Coach or team mom must remain in the dugout at all times.

    • Each team shall have (1) Manager and not more than (2) coaches on roster. 

  • Weather Delay

    • Rain - Waiting period will be 30 minutes at which time the Umpire in charge or Board Member on Duty shall make all decisions regarding the games.

    • When the lightning sensor goes off all players must leave the field and head to their cars until the sensor resets and there is no dangerous lightning in the area. When the alarm sounds 3 blasts in a row, this is the all-clear sign; players return and play resumes unless the Umpire in charge or Board Member on Duty calls the game.

  • No manager or coach shall warm up a pitcher before or during a game (including but not limited to the field, bullpen, & behind the plate).

  • There is a zero-tolerance policy at SLLL. A copy is available online and is attached to this packet. Please read it.

    • Manager, coach, player and spectator sportsmanship will be expected. Poor conduct on the field will be handled first by the umpire, spectators by a board member and then if necessary, the police.

    • Absolutely no artificial  noisemakers are permitted to be used during gameplay, between innings or during. 

    • All players/coaches and managers must be in the dugout if there is a spectator issue, umpires must be satisfied that the issue has been resolved to their satisfaction prior to the players returning to the field.

  • The runner is out when the runner does not slide or attempt to avoid collision with a player that has the ball. Umpire judgment. There is no “must slide rule”

  • The 10-run rule will be in effect for Minors, Majors, and Juniors.

  • Infield fly rule will be in effect for Minors, Majors, and Juniors.

  • No team can use the infield for warm up prior to game time or on the home plate area, catcher’s box, and pitcher’s mound.

  • No player shall sit out two (2) innings until all players have sat out one (1). This carries over from game to game I.E. if you start a game with 12 players then the 3 subs that come in will sit for 3 starters, that means that 6 players have been subbed, the next game the other 6 players need to be subbed before these players can sit again. THIS RULE ELIMINATES THE SAME PLAYERS PARTICIPATING ALL THE TIME

  • Every away team will be responsible for supplying 1 person to help in the concession stand. Games will not start until a parent is provided for concession duty. If no parent is available, the Team Mom will be responsible to cover the shift until the situation can be rectified.

  • All trash must be removed from the dugout after each game.

  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn in dugouts and on fields. No sandals or flip-flops.

  • Every home team will be responsible for operating the scoreboard and providing home plate umpire if one is not provided by the league.

  • It is the responsibility of the first arriving coaches to ensure the mound cover is removed and stored in a safe location prior to any players stepping onto the field.

    • Both teams will be responsible to apply the mound cover after the game.

    • Both teams will work together to rake around each base after the game.

  • No children under age 14 will be allowed in the concession stand.

    • No children under age 16 allowed in the outside food cooking area.

  • Tournament rules will be in effect for the last 3 weeks of regular season play. This is designed to get players ready for tournament season.

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