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The current Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules shall govern the “Playing Rules” for the Juniors Division.

Each District (3, 14, 23, &24) agreed to the following points for Inter-league:

  1. The Managers will need to submit a copy of their rosters prior to the start of game schedule along with a list of pool players (if applicable) that has been established within that league by their Player Agent.

  2. A pitching affidavit will need to travel with the team for every game, and the information documented.

  3. Establish a baseline of ground rules for inter-league that will be followed in addition to any local rules at the park where the game is played.

  4. All inter-league games have a time limit. No new inning can be started 2 hours and 15 minutes after the SCHEDULED game start time. This time limit is in effect for all games.

  5. Continuous batting order will only be utilized during the Fall Season.

  6. ON DECK BATTERS: There is a misconception that the on-deck batter should stand behind the batter. Williamsport prefers each on-deck batter stay in front of his own team's dugout. We encourage all on-deck batters to stay in front of their own team's dugout.

  7. Managers must bring proof of pitch count and pitching eligibility to each game. Managers will initial each others score book at the end of the game.

  8. All other rules are according to the official LL Baseball rule book for junior/senior divisions.


  • Please review and make sure you CLEARLY understand the rules for substitution (section 3.03; see below)

  • Substitution rules do not apply when utilizing continuous batting, EXCEPT all defensive players must

  • still meet their mandatory/minimum play requirements

  • If you have multiple teams in your league for a division, please understand you CAN borrow a player

  • from another team in the event you will be short players, provided you follow the Little League guidelines [section V c or see below]. Please try to utilize a borrowed player rather than canceling/rescheduling your games. THIS MUST BE HANDLED & ASSIGNED BY THE LEAGUE'S PLAYER AGENT.

  • This is the consensus of the DA's for Section 5. All inter-league schedules are maintained on the district 14 web site. You will also find maps and detailed directions to all locations on the district 14 web site:

  • GAME NO SHOWS: Any team who simply "no shows" to a game may be removed from the schedule for the rest of the season. Please be courteous and notify the opposing team when you cannot play a scheduled game.

  • Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time was extended one month and begins for most of the United States at: 2 a.m. on the Second Sunday in March (March 11, 2018) & ends 2 a.m. on the First Sunday of November (11/4/2018).

Little League guidelines for teams borrowing players, from section V, item c of the rule book


To aid leagues that are having a difficult time getting enough players for their regular season teams the following option is available:

  • A pool of players from existing regular season teams can be created with players that are willing to participate in extra

  • games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game. NOTE: Players may not be "borrowed" from an opponent. They must be assigned by the Player Agent.

    1. The league's player agent will create and run the pool. The league's player agent will use the pool to assign players to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis.

    2. Managers and/or coaches will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool.

    3. Players used from the pool will not be allowed to pitch, except during the player's own regular season scheduled game.

    4. Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine consecutive defensive outs and bat once.

      juniors inter league ground rules.pdf

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